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The Hellenic Spine Society was founded in 2006 following a joint decision of the Board of Directors of the Spine Diseases Department of ECHOT and the ENHE with their founding members:

Panagiotis Smyrni was the first president of the company for a few months until the following year. He was the inspirer and founder of the Spine Department, in collaboration with I. Giannestras, whose names are still bearing the sympathies of the S. of ECHOT.

The next President of ESCA George Sapkas successfully organized the 1st Panhellenic Congress of the newly established Greek Spine Society in Athens in 2007.

Since then, the Company has been steadily increasing its number of active members with successful annual Pan-Hellenic Conferences where internationally renowned SA surgical personalities have participated. from Europe to the USA and many other countries.

The Company's current headquarters are housed in the ECHOT building at Fleming Street in Marousi Attica with a separate office and direct access to spaces designed for BoDs, Workshops, lectures etc.

Members of the Society can become colleagues from all of their specialties involved in the treatment of Spinal Cord Diseases (Orthopedics, Nutritionists, Neurologists, Physicians, Radiologists etc.) with a request where their experience is shown to be relevant. It is useful to suggest a possible nomination by a regular member of the Company.

Within the scope of the Company's goals to expand its scientific and educational work is among others the expansion of its cooperation with Eurospine and AOSpine in the European and World space and the development of a communication, knowledge and formulation hub with corresponding centers for all. of the members of the authority since the establishment of this website, which is organized by the President 2014 K. Paterakis